Find Your Spot on Sky Manor!

Don't wait to secure your spot on Sky Manor MN86 and your place in Minnesota's Northwoods! It's easy and affordable. Plan and design your dream hangar and home today! You can always buy now and build later. Sky Manor has no time requirement for building a home or hangar.

Sky Manor includes forty-two properties with direct access to the runway or taxiway, plus nine large backlots/tracts. Twenty-one lots have direct access to Island Lake. All lots include medium to heavy tree coverage, and include a driveway spur, on-site access to electric, and partial clearing for home and/or hangar sites. All lots are perk tested for well and septic. All lots have deeded access to the runway/taxiway.

Lot 14 Lot 15 Lot 16 Lot 17 Lot 18 Tract C Tract B Tract A Tract H Tract I Tract J Tract K Tract L Tract P Tract O Tract N Tract M Lot 11 Lot 10 Lot 9 Lot 8 Lot 7 Lot 6 Lot 5 Lot 4 Lot 3 Lot 2 and 1 Lake Lots
Lots 1 and 2 are sold.
Lot 3 is Sold.
Lot 4 is Sold.
Lot 5 is Sold.
Lot 6 is Sold.
Lot 7 is Sold.
Lot 8 is Sold.
Lot 9 is sold.
Lot 10 is Sold.
Lot 11 is 1.04 acres and listed with Coldwell Banker Park Rapids.
Lot 14 is Sold.
Lot 15 is Sold.
Lot 16 is Sold.
Lot 17 is Sold.
Lot 18 is sold.
Tract C is sold.
Tract B is sold.
Tract A is sold.
Tract H is 9.9 and is Sold.
Tract I is 5.4 acres and is Sold
Tract J is 6.3 acres and is Sold.
Tract K is 8.6 acres and is Sold.
Tract L is 10.1 acres and is Sold.
Tract M is 5.6 acres and is Sold.
Tract N is 5.5 acres and is Sold.
Tract O is sold.
Tract P is sold.
All lake lots are Sold.